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UX/UI Design




Planethon was founded in 2018 with the mission of making scientific insights more accessible, relatable, and actionable. 

They provide clients consulting through,
data-driven and science-based business design process framework that enables sustainable investments, initiatives, and partnerships.

By using Planethons research and science-based scenarios, our goal was to create a game/ kit that would help Planethon promote their business as well as Sci-Fi Prototyping, which is the base of their scenarios workshop that they provide their clients.



Project Manager




UX Copy


UX Researcher


UX / UI 


Consulting UI Designer


Design Lead/
UI Designer



  • Debrief

  • Business Audit

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Creative Brief 

  • Strategy/ Project planning

  • Workshops

  • Prototyping

  • Testing

  • Stakeholder feedback

  • Iteration, iteration, iteration

  • Production

  • Final Delivery



In this team, I served as a Design Lead with focus on structure, facilitation, and art direction.  

I was in charge of making sure that we worked through our process and planning with intent and defined what actions were to be taken by the design team through each step. 

  • Debrief

  • Creative brief

  • Research 

  • Stakeholder Interview

  • Workshops
    How Might We

  • Stylescapes

  • Stakeholder feedback

  • Iterations

  • A/B testing

  • Production

  • Final Delivery


The complexity of the work/client request required us not only to have an open dialog with our stakeholders, but to also allow space for adaptation and change throughout the 7 weeks of the project. 

We early on included the client by having weekly meetings where we shared where we were in our process and our next steps.
These weekly meetings created a space for the client to feel like part of the team, as well as have the chance to align us with their thoughts in relation to their business goals.

I set the structure and facilitated most of our client meetings where we efficiently went through our common Agenda.


Working agile in this project also extended to how we structured our team so that we were constantly talking to each other throughout the week, this was especially important as we were often working from home due to restrictions. 

Roles that were initially put in place got the chance to evolve and change as the project progressed and needed a different set of skills and competencies.

The result of our work was proven success as our final presentation and delivery had us playing the game with very enthusiastic clients that not only understood this complex game but wanted to continue working with us on evolving it further. 


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