Revive an old Hotel/restaurant located in Vasastan, Stockholm. The new owner wanted us to create a concept that was new and different without taking away from the story of the place that had been around since the opening in 1731.


We based our concept around what we found when researching the history of the hotel/restaurant.
In it's early days it had been a meeting point for those who performed spells and dabbled in dark magic. The stories around this mystical place were to great not to build on. We re-named the hotel/restaurant from it's former owners name, to Död vinkeln. 




We described this mystical space as a place that opens when everyone else closes. The only thing you know when visiting, is that you will spend the night. What you will eat and drink, is in the hands of another. Let a conjuring decide the meal or why not have the bartender fortel your future.



Concept & Copywriting