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UX/UI Design




An interest organization with the focus of bringing people together who have an
interest in NLP, Neuro-linguistic programming. 

The client needed a new brand identity and had expressed that they had trouble with the way people viewed them.

We wanted to help both them and their potential clients by creating a transparent and honest design which would convey what they could offer in a truthful way. 



Cllient Director/ Copy


Design Lead






Junior Designer


Project Lead



  • Audit of service 

  • Research 

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Product development

  • Delivery of Brandbook



As Project Lead I became in charge of holding our P.O.D and making sure that the team was acting in the interest of each other and our collective goals throughout the project.

I held morning stand up's, facilitated workshops, managed our planning, and allocated resources where needed. 

  • Debrief

  • Creative brief

  • Research 

  • Stakeholder Interview

  • Workshops
    How Might We

  • Stylescapes

  • Stakeholder feedback

  • Iterations

  • A/B testing

  • Production

  • Final Delivery


One of my most valuable moments within this role was when one of my team members who always show up happy and excited, was looking a bit down.

The check-in confirmed my initial feeling when the team member said that he was having a bad day,
to which I asked what he needed.
The team member, let's call him Sam,
said that he would love to have an hour or so to work alone during the morning to maybe get out of the bad mood.

Something however told me there was more to it than a bad mood, so I asked Sam if I could check in on him after that hour he needed and we set up a time for a one on one chat.

When I sat down with Sam again, I asked him if his mood had anything to do with the work we were doing or how we were doing it. To which Sam replied that he was unhappy with the role he had.

He said that he had been feeling unmotivated in the tasks and wanted to pivot more towards writing rather than designing but had been hesitant because he was unsure if he could do a good job.

I told Sam that I would be more than happy to take his design work and get him started on some copy that I know we needed that we hadn’t gotten to yet.

At the end of the day, Sam came up to me and thanked me for seeing him and giving him the push to go for it. It had been one of his best days on the project. A day that started with a bad mood. 

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